Friday, April 3, 2009

Digital Love Encore and such

This post is a bit late butttt I've been extremely busy, extremely tired and extremely something else which I can't put my finger on. Thanks to the hundreds of you for coming out to support Pitchtuner. Thanks for making all of us stay til 7am and party with you! haha we love it. It was a great success and Pitchtuner thank all of you for supporting in hordes.

With Digital Love Encore just tomorrow night, I should probably be in getting some rest (if last week is any indication of what to expect this week) but I'll be out and about. Scoping what's happening in this concrete maze we live in. Don't forget that LON will be playing a very special live set tomorrow. Mr Clumsy will be our honoured guest on decks and from what I've heard it sounds pretty hawt.

I don't have too much too say right now but see you soon!

Oh, also check out Fucked Up's blog about their little trip to PRC. We miss you so much, guy!

til tomorrow for some Digital Love!


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