Sunday, December 28, 2008

/09/Digital Love 7.0

The S.T.D. New Year starts off with a bang, a gang bang if you our DJs wipe the xmas pudding from their eyes and rejoice with the continuation of our Digital Love series.

With a new line up of DJs, Digital Love 7.0 celebrates the first Saturday of the year with a fresh blend of beats, blips, guitars, distortion, genres and general mayhem. If your struggling to keep warm during these cold winter nights, let our DJs defrost your hips and joints so you can maximise your dancing experience.

Oh, and as a little way to set off your end of year/beginning of year festivities...S.T.D. will be posting a new song here for you to download until Digital Love 7.0 starts. Ya you can enjoy singing along with us and shiz. The rumours are true, we do really fucking love you.

Ass and Titties, Balls and Hippies,


P.S. Don't forget to stroll on down to The Shelter for the NYE party and support our S.T.D. RPRSNTVE- R3 as he rocks it up with a fine selection of Shanghai's local alternative DJs. It's winding up to be the biggest NYE party on Yongfu lu.


1/3 - LOgO [13 Xingfu Lu near Fahuazhen Lu]
Free entry

R3 - Dancerock/Discopunk
LON - Electronica
Saxia - Electrobreaks
Mau Mau - Lunchyard Crunk